The Dunes at Shenzhou Penninsula

Address: Shenzhou peninsula resort,wanning City Hainan,China571528
Tel: 0898-36220000


The Dunes, a 36-hole golf course with an additional 5 practice holes has been thoughtfully designed by internationally-renowned Tom Weiskopf to make the most of the distinctive geography and dramatic beauty of this unique location - from the rugged coastal dunes to the strong, craggy boulders. The unique native bunker style has also been designed to blend in with natural surroundings and made to look like it has always been there for centuries.

Golf enthusiasts of all levels will be inspired and challenged by the beautiful quintessential seaside design which embraces traditional golf course architecture, reminiscent of the classic designs such as Royal Melbourne, Cypress Point and Pine Valley. Whether one is pausing to take a breath of fresh air before teeing off, using the mountainous skyline as a backdrop to a shot, or simply enjoying the superior level of hospitality at the clubhouse, The Dunes offers a world-class setting for everyone to truly enjoy the traditional game of golf.

The legendary Tom Weiskopf paid remarkable attention to ensuring that the only traditional seaside golf course in Asia was carefully carved out of the native sand dunes on this natural peninsula on Hainan’s stunning, untouched east coast. Mr. Weiskopf created the natural landscape including massive dunes and reintroduced local indigenous plant species to combine with the unparalleled breathtaking views to create what will truly go down in history as one of Asia finest golfing creations.

The landscape will give every golfer the feeling that they are experiencing golf in the most traditional and natural settings available in all of Asia. Every golf hole will give the golfer a different experience that will make them feel that they have entered and are experiencing the true and ever-changing beauty of Mother Nature.

The Dunes - A true masterpiece!


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